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Through our State and Government Contracts

For the employee: (client/consumer/ ticket-to-work holder)

To get the job they want and maintain that employment, we provided vocational services including:

• We are your personal "Job Trainer". Helping you find and keep the job you want!

• Job Readiness Training includes Resume, Master Job Application, Interview, Work Ethics, Soft Skills, etc.

• Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) 

• Personal Social Adjustment Training (PSAT) 

• Job Placement & Retention 

• Supported Employment 

• Supported Self-Employment 

• Teaching you how to start your own business

We are skilled at reaching out to employers in the client's community that may be unfamiliar with vocational rehabilitation services and develop quick and meaningful relationships with them on behalf of our clients.

For the employer:

We prescreen applicants and function as a hiring resource to match your need for a quality employee that is trained (able) and has good work ethic. When you, the employer, have an opening or a staffing need, call us!

You give us the particulars of the job and what kind of employee you are looking for and we will consult our database of job seekers to find the perfect match for your organization. If we have no one who fits your requirements, we will inform you of that accordingly. 

Anyone you hire is your employee, not ours. We are not a temporary staffing agency; we act as the intermediary to connect qualified applicants with businesses who have positions to fill.

For the potential new business owner: (supported self-employment)

We assist with navigating through writing a business plan, how to market and brand a new business, research trends in the industry/competition and different methods of obtaining funding to make dreams come true. 

Through our Non-Profit - Lord and Blessings Service, Inc.: Disability Navigation

GETS works primarily with individuals that have a disability. If you are receiving a disability check from Social Security or have been diagnosed with a disabling condition, whether it is mental, emotional, cognitive, or physical, please give us a call and the opportunity to be of service. We might not have the answers, but we will know who does!